2017 Shed Pal Grooming Electric Dogs/Cats Massage Clean Vacuum Cleaner

2017 Shed Pal Grooming Electric Dogs/Cats Massage Clean Vacuum Cleaner

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Pet Shed Pal Grooming Electric Pet Hair Suction Clipper Device Portable Cats and Dogs Massage Clean Vacuum Cleaner 
Item specifics:
1. Color: silver
2. Dimension: 19(L) x 11(W) x 6cm(H)/7.48 x 4.33  x 2.36inch
3. Material: ABS body + rubber head
4. Power supply: 3 x AA batteries ( not included)
For every family which feeding the pet, this is a  troubling problem for cleaning up, due to pet hair  off from his body be scattered in every corner of  the home. Now we recommend a convenient pet hair  Vac, which can help you easily sucked off pet hair. When sucked off to pet hair, it will not hurt your  lovely pet, and can be sucked pet hair on clothes, 
let you no longer afraid to wear dark trousers, can  also be easily and quickly sucked hair and dust on  the ground. We guarantee that the components of  this item are all in good condition. Thanks for  your supporting and purchasing.
1. Motor provides effective, fast-acting  suction, save time and energy.
2. Soft rubber head can also give pet massage.
3. Cordless portable design, easy to use.
4. Large hair collection canister, neatly traps  the removed hair to allow for easy cleanup.
5.Safe and quiet, will not scare your pet.
Packing List:
1x Pet Hair Remover Brush
1x Introduction manual
2x Rubber